The US did NOT fund or train ISIS.

The US has not not funded Al Qaeda in Syria. The US has funded the Free Syrian Army, the Syrian National Coalition, and National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces. The Al Qaeda front in Syria is Al Nusra and it has largely been taken over by ISIS which has been kicked out of the Al Qaeda network. ISIS and Al Nusra are at war with FSA which wants a democratic republic not a sharia state. Al Qaeda is anti-US and the US is anti-Al Qaeda. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying or has been lied to. Syria is 70% or so Sunni and much of the FSA has Islamist leanings so there has been a move by Islamist elements in the FSA to purge the secularists, liberals, and non-Sunnis from the ranks of FSA which has worried the opposition to Assad and it’s backers including the USA. A group called the Islamic Front broke away from the FSA due to not wanting to fight alongside secular fighters who oppose Syria becoming an Islamic State.

The US has never funded or worked with Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda would never work with or for the USA. McCain met with Free Syrian Army not Al Qaeda. The Free Syrian Army was started by formerly peaceful protesters who formed a militia in response to violence against them from the Assad regime. Al Qaeda opposes the Free Syrian Army as it was formed by an alliance of of “pro-democracy” ” Sunnis aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood which has repudiated Al Qaeda (70% of Syria is Sunni) and liberal Syrian secularists who have suffered for decades under the Assad dynasty. There were some Christians, Druze, and even a tiny number of Alawites in the FSA.

Al Nusra was the primary Al Qaeda front in Syria and they have been at war with FSA for years now. ISIS, which used to be Al Qaeda in Iraq led by Zarqawi, is the group responsible for the most deaths of Iraqi civilians and Iraqi and US troops since the fall of Saddam. When Zarqawi was killed Al Qaeda in Iraq became ISI and continued it’s war against Iraqi civilians, Iraqi Shia, the Iraqi government and US troops. An Iraqi who goes by the alias Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was once arrested and interrogated by US troops, rose through the ranks.

ISI became ISIS (adding “Shams” which refers to Syria and the Levant) and entered the Syrian conflict with the agenda of carving out an Islamic state in Syria and Iraq. They tried to take over Al Nusra and partially succeeded. ISIS has massacred many troops of FSA fighters (the ones McCain met with, the ones the US and Turkey have supported). ISIS was even kicked out of the Al Qaeda network for being too violent too often with other Sunnis.

Free Syrian Army – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Free Syrian Army (Arabic: الجيش السوري الحر, al-Jaysh as-Sūrī al-Ḥurr, FSA) is an armed opposition structure operating in Syria since the start of the Syrian civil war.[7][8] Composed of defected Syrian Armed Forces personnel and volunteers,[9][10][11] its formation was announced on 29 July 201…

Al-Nusra Front – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Al-Nusra Front or Jabhat al-Nusra (Arabic: جبهة النصرة لأهل الشام Jabhat an-Nuṣrah li-Ahl ash-Shām, “The Support Front for the People of Levant”) (sometimes abbreviated JN), is a branch of Al-Qaeda operating in Syria[17][18][19] and Lebanon.[20][21]

ABel AShes…/Islamic_State_in_Iraq_and_the

Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Syrian Armed ForcesSyrian Opposition[21][22][23] IranIraqi Armed ForcesMulti-National Force (2004–2009)U.S. Forces – Iraq (2010–2011)Awakening CouncilsTurkish Armed Forces (border clashes)[24][25][26][27]Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps[28]Hezbollah[29]Iraqi Shia militiasAl-Nusra Front (truce)[30]A…

ABel AShes

Al-Qaeda – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Al-Qaeda (/ælˈkaɪdə/al-KY-də; Arabic: القاعدة al-qāʿidah, Arabic: [ælqɑːʕɪdɐ], translation: “The Base” and alternatively spelled al-Qaida and sometimes al-Qa’ida) is a global militant Islamist and takfiri organization founded by Osama bin Laden, Abdullah Azzam,[23] and several other militants,[24]…

This: National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, is who the US hopes will form a new government, constitution, and elections when and if Assad falls.…/National_Coalition_for_Syrian

National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces (Arabic: الائتلاف الوطني لقوى الثورة والمعارضة السورية, French: Coalition Nationale pour les Forces révolutionnaires et de l’opposition syrienne), commonly named the Syrian National Coalition (Arabic: الائتلاف الوطني السوري, Fre…

Al Qaeda aligned groups like Al Nusra and Ansar Sharia have tried with varying degrees of success to hijack the revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Syria. Anyone who tells you they are the rebels is lying to you. They have come in from around the world and tried to steal the revolutions from the people of those countries who in all four cases protested peacefully, Muslims and secularists alike, against corrupt oppressive dictatorships.

For some real daily news about Syria try talking to some Syrian atheists who have been opposing Assad since long before the war started and have lost loved ones to Assad and the jihadists alike.…/Syrian…/363191530386710

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