Obama is not a Muslim

Someone took clips of the Christian secular President kissing Muslim ass, as both Bushes and Clinton and Reagan before him have done, and splicing them in a way to try to make him appear to be a Muslim. Ridiculous. We have never been a Christian nation, We are a secular nation which means separation of religion and state and freedom of religion. He is the first US President to support US atheists in a speech. All US Presidents bow to the Saudi King and the British Queen. George W. Bush held hands with the Saudi Royals. Quit listening to right wing liars who want to turn the US into a Christian theocracy. He kisses Muslim ass, Jewish ass, Christian ass, atheist ass…that is what politicians do. A “secretly Muslim” President who has done more for gay rights than any President before him, yeah right. One of the first things GW Bush said after 9/11 was that we shouldn’t blame Islam. Remember? They all say these things because they have to.http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/foxvideo.asp

snopes.com: Obama Admits He Is a Muslim
Video clip shows a suppressed Fox News broadcast about Barack Obama?


He sympathizes with Muslims and is tolerant of Islamic bigotry abroad but not in the US. On the other hand some accuse him of being anti-Muslim and a Zionist puppet. Both accusations are ridiculous and emerge from lairs in the Republican Party, the Tea Party/Koch Brothers/ALEC/John Birch Society, NRA, Islamic Republic of Iran, Assad regime in Syria, and anti-secular think tanks like the Heritage Foundation.

He sympathizes with the Muslim Brotherhood because he, like most Americans, believes that elections should determine who governs. I don’t agree. I think dictators who violate universal human rights have no right to govern even if they were elected, but what can we do? Overthrow every dictator on Earth?. There are those who think he is a puppet of Iran, a puppet of Wall Street, a puppet of Israel, a puppet of Hamas, a puppet of the Muslim Brotherhood….he is the US President kissing ass and trying to make everybody happy, which in the end makes nobody happy.

…and Putin, the great oligarch of Russia. Let’s not forget him. he is always good for working the old propaganda mill.

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