My opinion on the US atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in short:

My opinion on the US atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in short: 

“having grown up in the 80s Cold War hysteria in the birth place of the atomic bomb I was very interested in this topic and have researched it for decades. I have always opposed those bombings on the moral principal that civilians are not legitimate targets. After all of my research I am fairly well convinced, although I can’t conclusively prove beyond any shadow of doubt, that the reason for the atomic bombs being built and their use had more to do with a grand strategy to avoid World War III than a strategy to end World War II, which was ending anyway. Everyone knew there would be a conflict between the US and the USSR as soon as their common enemies in Germany and Japan were defeated. The US knew Japan was preparing to surrender not to the US but to Stalin. Henry Stimson not only pushed for the atomic bombs to be used but he later pushed the idea that it would be beneficial if the Soviets made nuclear weapons as well. Stimson was the true architect of what would later be called Mutually Assured Destruction.”

Because of the nuclear weapons the USA and USSR were able to avoid fighting each other directly and instead funded, armed, and trained anyone that would support US or Soviet agendas in third world countries. Both superpowers were transforming regional and national conflicts into proxy wars between the US and Soviets.

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