Islamist “logic” says rape of 90 year old is due to “liberal values”.

ISLAMIST “LOGIC” SAYS “LIBERAL VALUES” ARE TO BLAME FOR RAPE.Women in West for Khilafah shared a link via Nazreen Nawaz.
2 hours ago

This is Absolutely sickening! What drives someone to do such a disgusting act? It’s the inevitable consequence of liberal values that promote individuals to pursue their basic carnal desires, disregarding the awful consequences this mindset has upon society. 

This is the irrationality of liberalism that believes people can fulfil their instincts however they want and it won’t affect society. And then secularists have the audacity of accusing Islam as being backwards for regulating the triggering and satisfaction of sexual desires and directing it to marriage alone.

Absurd #liberalvalues!

90 Year Old Woman Dragged Off the Street And Raped In Rochdale
Police have launched an investigation after a 90-year-old woman was dragged off the street in Rochdale and raped.
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  • ABel AShes ABel AShes You are sick.
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    ABel AShes Liberal values aren’t the problem. Misogyny is the problem. What do you think of forced marriages?

    Forced into marriage, pregnant by 13
    New laws are coming into effect which will make forced marriage a criminal offence.
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    Women in West for Khilafah Well how do u explain this case if it’s not due to liberal values? And yes definitely forced marriages are wrong, but what’s that got to do with a 90 yr old woman being raped?!!!
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    ABel AShes It has to do with “conservative” so-called values versus what you call “liberal” values which obviously includes women being able to make their own choices about their personal lives.
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    ABel AShes There is zero connection to “liberal values”. Liberal values include things like women’s equality. These kinds of crimes are usually perpetuated by the severely mentally ill or by conservative men who view women as objects or possessions belonging to men rather than equal human beings. The movement to oppose such views and treatment of women is called “feminism” and being a feminist is a liberal value. Now, could you explain to me what this crime has to do with “liberal values”? There is nothing in the article to suggest any motive other than psychosis and sadism akin to a serial killer with sociopathic tendencies who probably also views women as having been “created” for men by god. The Bible and the Koran are full of disgusting conservative teachings about women that should drive any women who is not self-hating away from Judaism, Christianity, and Islam even if she is still silly enough to believe in “God”.
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    New laws are coming into effect which will make forced marriage a criminal offence.
  • ABel AShes ABel AShes Or did I catch you engaging in Taqiiya? Anything for Khilafa even lies and propaganda? “Spreading rumors and writing statements that instigate people against the enemy.”– “Mission” number 5, as listed in the Encyclopedia of the Afghan Jihad Training Manual, an 1,000 page Al Qaeda terrorism training manual seized in Jordan from the 16 Al Qaeda operatives arrested for planning attacks on the millennial celebrations in Israel and Jordan. The manual is believed to have been written, paid for, and distributed by Osama Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda organization (December 1999)
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    ABel AShes Religion must be a choice. All governments worldwide must be secular and guarantee separation fo religion and state and separation of religion and science and separation of religion and education. All laws must be amended to give equal rights to women everywhere on Earth and to all people of all ethnicities and national origins. LGBTQ people must also be protected under the law from discrimination, murder, assault, imprisonment, and abuse. No religion should ever be allowed to force itself on anyone and no one should ever be compelled to believe or pretend to believe anything. Religious freedom must be protected for all religions equally up to the point that someone is abusing others as a practice of their religion, at which point that practice must be stopped by enforcement of liberal secular universal human rights law.
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