I support US airstrikes against ISIS

I would fully support airstrikes, drone strikes, and/or targeting ISIS/Daeech convoys with missiles. Doing nothing is an option only for those who don’t understand what is going on. What is needed is help in slowly their momentum which is actually quite simple. Iraq is mostly flat land. ISIS/Daeech travels in armed convoys in large groups. This is not an insurgency at this point. This is an army. It is difficult to know what Iraq should do to liberate Mosul and other cities under Daeech control and regarding oil fields and such, but slowing momentum and killing hundreds or thousands of these fights should be done, must be done, and can be done with very little chance of US, Iraqi, or civilian casualties if airstrikes target large groups of ISIS fighters on the move toward their next conquest. The point of airstrikes would be to prevent further conquests which would best be done when they are on the move, armed and out in the open, when they don’t expect it of course.

When Zarqawi was killed Al Qaeda in Iraq became ISI. The second “S” (“Shams”) was added when they entered the Syrian conflict and took over Al Qaeda’s al Nusra group. Zawahiri demanded that they not kill so many Sunni Muslims, as they kill anyone who stands in their way. They refused and were actually kicked out of the Al Qaeda network for killing too many people too brutally and indiscriminately. They are in control of a huge part of Syria and a huge part of Iraq. The Iraqi military is a joke right now other than the special forces. 30,000 troops ran from 800 or so ISIS fighters. The Kurds are another story. They have much better defenses and don’t tolerate “fifth columns”. I suspect that some of the soldiers laid down their arms out of hatred for Maliki. Mosul is mostly Sunni and it fell very easily with little resistance. ISIS is not Al Qaeda in Iraq anymore. They are not a small group of insurgents hiding in the shadows. One truck doesn’t takeover a city. They attack in groups of hundreds to thousands and are estimated to have an army of around 10,000. Certainly an army of 800 as attacked Mosul would a very different target than one truck of insurgents. Of course in their mind they are the good guys. Even if they kill a “good” Muslim by accident they have merely sent them to heaven to be rewarded by Allah. The only purpose of this life is to convert souls to Islam for the afterlife. This is what they believe.


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