“Spreading rumors and writing statements that instigate people against the enemy” (confronting Nafeez Ahmed’s propaganda of distraction)

“Spreading rumors and writing statements that  instigate people against the enemy.”

– “Mission” number 5, as listed in the Encyclopedia of the Afghan Jihad Training Manual, an 1,000 page Al Qaeda terrorism training manual seized in Jordan from the 16 Al Qaeda operatives arrested for planning attacks on the millennial celebrations in Israel and Jordan. The manual is believed to have been written, paid for, and distributed by Osama Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda organization (December 1999)

“Truth and lies on equal screens”

British Muslim journalist Nafeez Ahmed recently published the following disinformation propaganda piece at The Guardian, entitled

Iraq blowback: Isis rise manufactured by insatiable oil addiction: West’s co-optation of Gulf states’ jihadists created the neocon’s best friend: an Islamist Frankenstein


Nowhere in the article does he discuss the actual origins of the actual group in question, the ISIS AKA ISIL AKA EIIL AKA Daech. His article is blatantly dishonest propaganda meant to deflect attention from the origins of jihadist violence in the Quran and Hadith and instead blame “the West”. Nafeez is relying on you being ignorant enough not to know that ISIS hates and distrusts “the West” far more than you or I or even Nafeez Mossadeq Ahmed, who is himself a “Westerner”. ISIS is a group with Iraqi origins. It developed out of Zarqawi’s Al Qaeda in Iraq. Nafeez is well researched. I doubt he doesn’t know this. More likely he is intentionally lying.

Now that you have read the obfiscation and distraction, here is a link to an article that nicely lays out the facts about ISIS/ISIL/EIIL/Daech, entitled  11 facts that explain the escalating crisis in Iraq


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