I suggest this short article for anyone short on time and/or attention who wants to understand who ISIS/ISIL/EIIL/Daech are and what they are doing in Iraq and Syria.

This is the best short article I have found to explain who ISIS/ISIL/EIIL/Daech is, their origins, goals, financing, et cetera. Most people do not have the patience to do even 5% of the research I have done on the subject and it becomes exhausting to have to explain to people who would rather argue online and swallow propaganda whole than read the wealth of publicly available verifiable information online. I am seriously done with arguing with the type of morn who thinks they know more about what a particular terrorist group stands for than the members of said terrorist group and feel that they are informed enough to develop conspiracy tehories about said terrorists group without ever having bothered to even research the members and their public statements, which should be an obvious place to start. Anyway, please share this article with anyone looking for a quick easy read that will explain who ISIS are, how they are financed, what they want, et cetera.

Here’s what you need to know to understand Iraq’s crisis, and where it goes from here.

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