Confronting widespread ignorance and conspiracy theories regarding ISIS/ISIL/EIIL/Daech

  • Abel Ashes: “The ISIS/ISIL/EIIL/Daeech is supported by Saddam Hussein’s oldest daughter. It seems to be a union of former Al Qaeda in Iraq with some former Sunni Baathists. You are correct of course, that it is well financed and well organized and it is taking over large parts of Syria as well. In Syria they gained weapons, power, and money by conquest of cities and town, confiscation of military equipment, kidnap for ransom, the killing and pillaging of Syria military troops, and most notably the killing and pillaging of other anti-Assad rebel groups. ISIS was formed in Iraq and the ISIS fighting in Syria is the same ISIS fighting in Iraq. One of their stated objectives is for Syria and Iraq to be merged into a Sunni Islamic state.”
    Dr. Zahid Khan: Abel Ashes. Your argument is very poorly constructed. They took large part of syria or cities of syria with empty hands and then got weapons after conquering those cities? Does it make any sense to you at all? Who gave them weapons to conquer those cities or they conquered those also with Allahu Akbar alone? The gruesome fact is that they were financed, armed, provided food, shelter across the border and so on and last but not least, training by CIA. The major difference I see between them and Hitler is that Hitler didn,t use religion as a tool but was against one sect, same goes for these guys but Hitler didn,t get funds from any one else , nor training while these beasts are trained by CIA in majority of the countries. CIA helps them conquer these vulnerable countries and then leave them to these wolves to destroy every inch of it and then they start chanting Democracy and humanity bullshit. Muslims as well as these westerners are equally responsible for this shit specially USA, UK, France.”
  • Abel Ashes:Dr. Khan, thanks for stating the obvious (and something that I already stated I might add). Of course they were armed when they initially entered the Syrian conflict. ISIS grew out of Zarqawi’s Al Qaeda in Iraq and while comprised of fighters from many countries, the group formed in Iraq. It is born of the Iraqi Sunni insurgency. They were a late entry in the Syrian conflict and of course they were armed to begin with. You do understand that this kind of warfare requires pillage as a method of the organization both sustaining itself and expanding its power and influence, right?
    The CIA did not finance ISIS. You believe it did because you have convinced yourself that it did. The CIA financed the FSA which has Islamists in it yes, mostly of the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as secular government supporters. I doubt you could even break down any of the differences between Al Qaeda, ISIS, Al Nusra, Ansar Sharia, FSA, et cetera…or explain how the conflict in Syria began. You sound like one of the millions who has drunk the Assad/Putin/Iran “Kool Aid” about a “Zionist” conspiracy involving the USA, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanon, Israel, and Hamas.
    The groups that the CIA and Turkey have helped finance and arm are lead by Syrians who are longtime opponents of the Assad regime that come from many different religious and sectarian backgrounds. The majority are Sunni of course, but that should be expected in a country that is 74% Syrian, but there are also Christians, Druze, Shiite, atheist, and even Alawites among the FSA. A group known as the Islamic Front broke away from the FSA because they disagreed about the pluralistic, democratic, and pro-secular agenda of some of the members. Al Qaeda and Al Nusra have been at war with the FSA as well as the Assad regime. ISIS/ISIL/EIIL/Daeech has massacred FSA (the guys the CIA funded and armed). They have even massacred other Islamist groups they consider to be “corrupt” or too “moderate”. Even Al Qaeda has criticized ISIS for being “too extreme”.
    For those who don’t have the patience to do the amount of reading necessary to really understand ISIS and it’s role in Syria and Iraq, I will post a brief article that gives some basic points in synopsis about the origins of ISIS and it’s funding, goals, et cetera. This article is very much on target.…/13/5803712/11-things-iraq-crisis-isis

    Here’s what you need to know to understand Iraq’s crisis, and where it goes from here.

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