If everyone else knows you are crazy but you don’t don’t think you’re crazy you can legally buy guns in California.

“The California Firearms Laws Summary addresses mental health, but only people who are voluntary patients in mental health facilities are barred from legally purchasing firearms.”….in other words: Even if psychiatric professionals diagnose you with severe, potentially dangerous mental illness and every single person who knows you personally all agree that you are crazy but YOU don’t think you’re crazy…you can buy guns legally in California. Isn’t that great?

Switzerland has more guns per capita than the US but almost zero gun crimes. Why? They have stricter gun control laws. Gun “control” (regulation) is not anti-gun. The NRA used to be pro-gun control and pro-gun safety until it was taken over by John Bircher conspiracy theorists and greedy gun manufacturers. Switzerland tracks every gun sale and even every bullet sale. The Swiss government keeps track of exactly how much ammunition each person has. There is a very long list of crimes and mental illnesses that can get you banned from owning a gun for life in Switzerland.

Concealed weapons are also illegal in Switzerland but it is legal to carry weapons in the open in many public places. If I remember correctly 3 is the maximum number of guns one person can own in Switzerland. And yeah, some of it is cultural. Almost all gun deaths in Switzerland are suicides. There just isn’t a lot of murder there. Also having a strong socio-economic safety net and an economic system that is a lot more equalizing means Switzerland’s organized crime is mostly in money laundering and tax evasion in its international banks. The USA has such a huge cultural problem that stems from our massive street crime problem which entices far too many young people from limited means into a lifetime as violent career criminals.

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