Fred Phelps may not have died hating “gays”, but why did he feel the need to hate them in the first place?

I suspected that Fred Phelps may have changed his mind about hating LGBT people when I heard he was ex-communicated. Now members of his family are coming forward saying this is in fact what occurred. I actually, well maybe I shouldn’t speculate about this, but I will anyway….I think most homophobes are people who don’t really think too deeply about the issue and are just sort of following the crowd, but when someone dedicates his or her life almost entirely to hating homosexuality there has to be an underlying issue. I think recent history clearly demonstrates that many obsessed homophobes are closet bisexuals who hate themselves for that one (or more) time they thought or did something homosexual and blame it on “the homosexual agenda”. I don’t know that this is true in his case but it has been shown to be true in the case of so many homophobic preachers and politicians.

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