Most violence against Muslims is committed by other Muslims in the name of Islam

Most of the violence (but by far not all of it) occurring against Muslims worldwide from Syria to Iraq to Afghanistan to Pakistan to Somalia is being committed by other Muslims and in the name of Islam. Muslims are not unique among religions in doing things like this. It is just that at this time in history they are the most prolific among religions at killing and being killed. The massacre in Rwanda was not merely about ethnicity. It was also Christians killing Christians for religious reasons, as was the massacre in Burundi. Most Tutsi are Catholic and most Hutu are protestant. In Rwanda the Catholic church was complicit land still is, in protecting those who committed atrocities against the mostly Protestant Hutu and the same thing occurred with the roles reversed in Burundi. There is the Northern Ireland conflict in which Christians killed Christians over secular political issues alongside the religious divide between Catholic and Protestant.

Non-Muslims and Shiite Muslims are often treated brutally in Pakistan by Sunnis and Muslims and Hindus often commit crimes against each other in India….et cetera…et cetera….the reasons Muslims are killing Muslims have to do with the fact that the killers think they are under orders from god to impose his law on Earth and so anyone who disagrees as to what god wants and how to get it becomes the enemy. The one thing you can notice no matter which religion and which part of the world is conservatism, theocracy, and sectarianism lead to religious violence.

While there are many notable cases in which Muslims are the primary victim like Bosnia where Christian Orthodox fanatics massacred Muslims or in Myanmar where Muslim and Christian minorities are persecuted by Buddhist, there are far more examples of Muslims persecuting non-Muslims than the other way around. The number of countries in which Islam is banned is very small (North Korea, China to a degree, Myanmar to a degree), but the number of countries in which Islam is forced upon the citizens (to varying degrees from lack of secular family courts to the death penalty for apostasy) is quite a long list. The problem isn’t Muslims or non-Muslims the problem is Islam and religion and theocracy and ignorance and superstition and fear of death and fear of science and fear of humanism and fear of progress and ugly sectarian and nationalistic pride which comes from a deep-seated and illogically constructed inferiority complex.

It should also be noted that in even “moderate” Islamic societies women do not usually enjoy equality under the law with men and that in conservative Islamic societies women are often treated as property and have very little autonomy, so in this regard Islam too is the primary oppressor of Muslim women worldwide, who are more than 50% of all Muslims worldwide.

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