I wonder how many know these facts about Palestine and Israel

I just read that over 1,500 Palestinian children have been killed by IDF forces since 2000, which while it is a small number compared to the children killed during the same time period in Iraq or the DRC or Afghanistan or Somalia or Sudan or by Islamist rebels and the Assad government’s barrel bombs in Syria, but is no less tragic and unnecessary. The first priority of international law should be protecting children from violence and prosecuting those who hurt and kill children. Most of these killings can be attributed to the nationalistic bigotry and fear mongering that young Israelis undergo when they are conscripted into the IDF.

The Palestinian/Israeli conflict is a strange issue with bizarre and blurry nationalistic definitions, that is not nearly as black and white as most people apparently believe it to be. I wonder, for instance, how many are aware that the Palestinians are the genetic descendants of the ancient Israelites (Jews) whose ancestors converted to Christianity and Islam during Roman and Arab occupations of the Levant. In other words most Palestinians have more ethnic Jewish heritage than most Jewish Israelis who are mostly ethnically descended from ancient Israelites (Palestinians) who had intermarried with white Europeans when they immigrated to Europe, Russia, Central Asia, North Africa, and eventually the Americas.

I wonder how many are aware that nearly 30% of Israeli citizens are Palestinian “Arabs”, most of whom practice Sunni Islam. In other words only 2/3 of Israeli citizens are culturally Jewish but the majority of the ones who are culturally Arab and religiously Muslim are ethnically descended from the original Jews of Old Testament Biblical times. These “Arab” Israelis are mostly descended from Palestinians who chose to become Israelis citizens when the nation of Israel was first created.

How many are aware that there are other forms of strong nationalistic tendencies which play into the conflict, such as a belief among some conservative Assyrian nationalists that the entire Levant should be ruled by neither Jew nor Arab but by the descendants of ancient Assyria or the fact that while Arab nations advocate (or at least pretend to advocate) for the Palestinians, Palestinians are often treated as second class citizens or worse when they become refugees in some allegedly pro-Palestinian Arab countries. Perhaps this is due to nationalistic or financial status oriented bigotry but it may also be related to racism as Palestinians may be culturally Arab but by and large are not actually ethnically Arab, even though ethnic Arabs and ethnic Jews are more closely related genetically than say ethnic Arabs and ethnic Persians or ethnic Arabs and ethnic Copts or ethnic Arabs and ethnic Turks.

I wonder how many are aware that Israel not only has government-funded Jewish religious family courts but also has government-funded religious Sunni Islamic sharia family courts, government-funded religious Biblical Christian family courts, and even government-funded religious Druze courts but has no secular family courts, making the Israeli family court system more similar to those that exist in Turkey and Lebanon than to those that exist in say the USA or the UK.

I wonder how many are aware that there were several different Zionist movements and not all Zionists supported the creation of the State of Israel. One such Zionist was Albert Einstein, who did support the creation of a Jewish state somewhere on Earth to protect the world’s Jews from the rampant racism, religious bigotry and paranoid conspiracy mongering worldwide which led to crimes like the Holocaust and yet he opposed placing the new Jewish state in Palestine because of the fact that the land was already occupied and he thought it immoral to force people from their homes. Many Zionists wanted Einstein to be the first President of Israel but he wanted nothing to do with it because he was morally opposed to the actions taken by other Zionists such as the forced removal of Palestinians and the terrorist actions of Zionist radicals such as the Stern Gang branch of the Lehi movement.

I wonder how many are aware that Israel and Palestine were used as pawns of propaganda by the USA and the USSR during the Cold War for purposes that had nothing to do with Palestinian liberation or right to return and nothing to do with Israeli national security. I wonder how many are aware that Palestinian terrorism was not only a product of Israeli occupation and radical Islamic indoctrination but also of Palestinians copying the actions of Zionist terrorists such as the Stern Gang and Soviet linked Communist radical groups who saw the Palestinian cause as tool to use against America. It was from the Japanese Red Army that the PLO learned many of the terrorist techniques they became famous for in the 1970s and 1980s.

I wonder how many are aware that Hamas is primarily a Sunni radical Islamist group and not a Palestinian liberation group. I wonder how many are aware that in its early days Hamas was primarily a small political and religious entity that engaged in charitable work in Gaza and that the Israeli government has admitted to funding Hamas in the hopes that it’s bigoted conservative Islam would prove to generate much less sympathy for the Palestinians than did the secular PLO. I wonder how many are aware that the five permanent members of the UN Security Council are the world’s major arms dealers and the Middle East is the world’s largest arms market so keeping conflict going in that part of the world is essential to keeping worldwide weapons sales and profits high.

Regardless, the Israeli Palestinian situation will never be solved if it is held hostage by Jewish, Muslim, and Christian bigots with delusions about a mandate from god or driven by nationalistic and deeply ignorant ethnic “pride”. The fact is that most Palestinians are ethnically descended from the original Jewish Israelis and those ancestors converted to Christianity and Islam and adopted Arab culture and most Israelis (the 2/3 who are not Muslim Palestinian “Arabs”) have more non-Jewish ethnic blood (mostly European, mixed with Middle Eastern Jewish) than do most Palestinian “Arabs”. Besides that ethnic Jews and ethnic Arabs are closely related genetically, much more so than say Arabs and Turks or Arabs and Persians or Arabs and Kurds.

The supposed ethnic causation of the conflict is a bit more of a murky issue than most realize, since Palestinians are mostly ethnic Jews whose ancestors mostly became converted to Islam and many others to Christianity and Israelis are predominantly ethnically European mixed with Middle Eastern Jew, but also include many strictly European ethnicities, black Ethiopians, and others who converted to Judaism as well as culturally “Arab” Palestinians who are mostly Sunni Muslim and various other ethnic groups and religions. So the way I see it is that it is mostly a fight between Jewish, Muslim, and Christian fanatics over “divine” “holy land” they feel they are entitled to by god.

Perhaps The only solution is one secular state with equality for all regardless of ethnicity or religion, but how can such a beautiful thing happen when more than half of all Christians, Muslims, and Jews would rather that the violence continue until Jesus returns, or the Messiah arrives, or the 12th Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi return from Occultation with Isa, or “Inshallah” the Sunni Khalifa is rebuilt again with Jerusalem as one of its primary cities and the non-Muslims are made to pay jizya and submit to sharia?

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