Hydrocarbon profiteers and their deadly gamble

Perhaps the deadliest game being played in world power circles today is taking place in the hydrocarbon energy industry worldwide and among hydrocarbon investors and asleep at the wheel supposed government regulators. Anthropomorphic climate change is a done deal, it is already too late to prevent disaster but we can mitigate the damage and help to reduce the amount of time future generation will have to wait for the climate to begin to repair itself. Peak oil is already here, natural gas is close behind, and while there is still plenty of coal to last long enough to destroy the atmosphere completely, it too is a finite resource (for now anyway. With enough pressure hydrocarbon energy sources and diamonds can be produced from anything carbon based but that too requires energy…from solar?…wind?…but why?)….anyway, I digress….the deadly game…the deadly gamble…

Oil is a finite resource and as demand increases supply is decreasing and new supplies are increasingly coming from more dangerous, dirty, expensive, and difficult to reach places….all of this drives up the prices…as governments and NGOs react to climate change this will also have effects that will drive up prices on hydrocarbons….and if that’s not enough there are always speculators to manipulate prices….high prices are very good for the petroleum industry as long as they don’t result in too steep of cuts in usage by consumers which will be the case if renewables are given free rein to expand their reach in a free market. This is why the largest efforts in renewable energy are often initiatives of petroleum companies…..the deadly game is to keep oil, gas, and coal (and nuclear, but that’s another story) as the primary energy sources while slowly expanding renewables with an eye toward cornering the market on renewables eventually when the hydrocarbon model is no longer worthwhile financially. Destroy the climate and the economy while reaping record profits and slowing “alternative” energy progress through control of much of the “alternative” energy sector….then attempt to control the new energy sources when they do finally begin to dominate….Peak oil will only make oil more valuable in the short-term, while climate change will only frighten the public away from oil (and gas and coal), so invest and prepare to profit off of peak oil misery and deny, deny, deny climate change until all of the profits are drained out of that market and then make the transition to the new energy model after billions have suffered the consequences of this artificial delay in energy technology progress. As a side note, a lot of the activists in the “peak oil” movement behave like petroleum industry moles constantly downplaying the potential of renewable energy sources and claiming that we are all doomed because we cannot provide enough energy to keep the world going without oil, which is false.

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