Whether US troops stay or go, the Taliban should not be allowed to reconquer Afghanistan

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US tax payers should NOT be funding this adventure. Why do you agree or disagree? ~p

“This is bullshit. All the Afghans I know what the US to stay. The US is going to leave as has been long planned. The Pentagon is even predicting that whether troops were stay or leave the Taliban will probably overpower the Afghan government and reseize most of the country by 2017.” – Abel Ashes


Real Truth wrote: “Now ABel AShes if what you say is true, the Afghans want the USA to stay, please share your source for this information. ~p”

I didn’t say “the Afghans”. I said the Afghans I know, which is to say liberal, secular people who are very worried about whether Afghanistan can become a safer, more liberal, more secular, more equal, more free society or to slip further and further into the Islamist hell it became in the 1990s.
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ABel AShes One rather well known Afghan friend who has this concern is Nemat Sadat who was teaching in Afghanistan until recently. Many, perhaps most Afghans want the US gone, including the brave women who lead the Revolutionary Association for the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA), but many others are taking a purely realistic (not ideological) assessment of the security situation realizing that the Afghan military is currently not up to the task of containing the ongoing (and increasing) threat of the Taliban.
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ABel AShes The reasons many Afghans want the US troops to leave or to stay are not so simple. RAWA opposes the US presense because the US has not opposed the corruption of the Karzai regime, has not supported secularism and liberalism and has allowed for the new regime to install an Islamic theocracy (something Afghanistan was NOT in the 60s and 70s), has not been much help to women, Buddhists, atheists, Shiites, LGBT Afghans nd other oppressed group, and has killed many innocent civilians with sloppy planning and poorly designed technology (the main reason drones hit the wrong targets is not bad intelligence but the poor video quality supplied by the cameras on the UAVs and it’s not only the military who dictates the way these UAVs are used but the private for-profit manufactureers who have long term contracts to supply them to The Pentagon).
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ABel AShes On the other hand most of the Afghans who want the US troops to remain feel that real progress has been made especially in the larger cities in everything from the economy to infrastructure to healthcare to women’s rights to democracy to security. It is primarily a fear of possible near term future much worse than even the Taliban rule of the 1990s. The taliban who took over Kabul then were young and inexperienced fighters and a relatively small group with small arms and not much effective resistance. The Afghan Taliban now is being armed by Pakistan to counter India’s traditional influence in Afghanistan, even while Pakistan fights the Pakistani Taliban (two different groups closely inter-related).
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ABel AShes British journalist Peter Bergen, who has been interviewing Afghan movers and shakers and ordinary folks for decades while living on and off again in Afghanistan has been very noticably sad in recent interviews fearing for what will happen if the Afghan military si not up to the task of defending Kabul from the Taliban when the international community once again abandons the country that so many of our nations (The USA, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, China) have helped turn into a hell on Earth for so many. The first concern should be what is best for the Afghan people.
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ABel AShes Karzai will be out of power soon. The best hope for a good outcome for everyone probably rests quite a bit on who wins the next election and becomes the next President of Afghanistan. If the new President puts the needed emphasis on security and does not allow for peace deals with the Taliban but instead mandates the proper training and arming and supply of the military, police, judicial system, prison system, and local civil rights groups then it may be possible to pull out US troops and keep the Taliban from regaining power. It is important that the Taliban also not be allowed to run in elections. Parties that reject democracy as a concept do not belong at the table in democratic elections. What Afghanistan needs even more than better training and fire power to compete with the Taliban on the battlefield and in the streets, is something akin to a secular constitution but that is a pipedream right now.
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ABel AShes http://news.yahoo.com/afghanistan-rejects-grim-u…

Afghanistan rejects grim US intelligence forecast as baseless
By Hamid Shalizi KABUL (Reuters) – Afghanistan on Monday rejected as baseless a US intelligence forecast that the gains the United States and allies have made in the past three years will be significantly rolled back by 2017. The US National Intelligence Estimate also predicted that Afghanistan …
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ABel AShes Karzai is arguing that the US intelligence assessment I referred to in my original post is intentionally, overly negative. He may be right in the sense that even if Afghanistan becomes a civil war battleground on the scale of something like what is going on in Syria right now, it may be stretch to say the Taliban will certainlt regain power by 2017. It is important to recognize that the actual report not only says this is the likely outcome if US troops leave but even if they stay. There are many in The Pentagon who want to get the US troops out and wash their hands of Afghanistan, while there are others who disagree for good and for bad reasons.
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ABel AShes This quote from the above article hits on one of the most important things going on in Afghanistan right now, the push by some in the US military and diplomatic elite to have the Karzai regime and the Taliban engage in peace talks and allow the Taliban to run for office, thus selling Afghanistans women, children, liberals, democrats, leftists, moderates, LGBT, artists, musicians, atheists, non-Muslim religionists, and non-Salafi Sunni Muslims down the river so that the US can pull out troops and quit spending money and lives for other people’s benefit and the corrupt elites of Afghan society can make deals with the ultimate oppressors of the Afghan people (the Taliban) and get back to business and corruption.
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ABel AShes “Faizi suggested the leaking of the gloomy U.S. intelligence report was part of bid to press Karzai into granting the Taliban control of some areas as part of a peace moves.

“If it’s a design to hand over parts of Afghanistan to the Taliban, we will never allow that and it will never succeed,” Faizi said. “The Taliban can only come back through a political process.”

Efforts over the past couple of years to bring the Taliban into peace talks have come to nothing. The insurgents, fighting to expel foreign forces and set up an Islamist state, denounce Karzai as a U.S. “puppet”.

Karzai recently said certain foreigners had been asking him to give up control of some areas to get peace talks going.

“Foreigners told us recently to hand over or give away some areas to the Taliban, and from where a peace process could begin,” Karzai told reporters at a briefing last week.

He did not identify the foreigners.”
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ABel AShes This kind of “peace deal” does not look likely in any case and if it were to occur would only be a ruse by the Taliban who answer only to themselves, their ultraconservative jihadist allies, and their god and hence do not believe in compromise or democracy in any shape or form. It is simply a desperate delusion.
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ABel AShes http://thediplomat.com/…/us-afghan-security-agreement…/

US-Afghan Security Agreement Sees Regional Support | The Diplomat
Afghanistan’s neighbors, with the exception of Iran, want to see an American presence in Afghanistan past 2014.
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ABel AShes http://thediplomat.com/…/u-s-intelligence-community…/

U.S. Intelligence Community Pessimistic About the Future of Afghanistan | The Diplomat
Afghanistan is at a crossroads today but U.S. pessimism is largely overblown.
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ABel AShes The Afghan government (as corrupt as it is and as compromised by US, Iranian, and Pakistani influence as it is) will ultimately decide who gets contracts to work with the Afghan government and/or Afghan startup mining companies to mine the minerals in question. Likely several major US firms will be involved along with (most likely) companies from several of the following nations: China (almost certainly), Canada, Britain, Germany, India, Japan, South Korea, Iran, and possibly even Pakistan. The minerals belong to Afghanistan and while foreign companies will surely profit from mining them and from purchasing them at what may possibly be exploitative below market prices from either the corrupt Afghan government or Afghan mining companies, it is equally possible that the Afghans will demand top dollar for many of these minerals and reap huge dividends much needed for the rebuilding of the Afghan economy to 1960s Afghan level and beyond. This will be up to the Afghan government. A lot rests on Afghanistan having a less corrupt government that will look out for the interests of all Afghans not just conservative Muslims, drug dealing warlords, old money wealthy families (there are several Afghan billionaires), and foreign interests.
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ABel AShes

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