Public services like Food Stamps should NEVER be privatized.


Commment: make up a charity that does the same, pay the tax equivalent you already pay to the government specifically for this. Watch miracles happen.
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ABel AShes Bullshit…government can do this much more efficiently…how the fuck does adding the need to make a profit make something more efficient. I’m sorry to be rude but this generation has been mind fucked by Ayn Randian Libertarian deregulatory invisible hand “rational markets” superstitious nonsense….utter bullshit!
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Comment: would you work without a salary? No form of luxury just basic food, water, shelter and clothing? No matter how hard you work or how productive you are, you will get the same amount of salary. And be honest.
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ABel AShes Your comment and question has NOTHING to do with the food stamp program.
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ABel AShes If the government runs the program then 100% of the money that comes in can go toward paying out the benefits minus the costs of running the program and yes that includes the wages of the government employees who run the program. When the program began to be outsourced to for-profit corporations, the program ran into all kinds of trouble because it is not a profitable venture. It is a vital public service that cannot be profitable except by fraud. Profit is not the same was wages…and you should know that. When I work for Xerox selling copiers I will earn a salary or an hourly wage or maybe commission. When I an executive for Xerox my job is not to earn a wage but to increase value for shareholders which means cutting costs and increasing profits. When I run a government program to provide emergency food aid for those who have fallen through the cracks (as MOST Americans have at one time or another) my job is to see that as much of the incoming funds are outgoing funds to the needy as possible. When Food Stamps programs were outsourced to companies like Xerox benefits were not paid because Xerox rn the program much less efficiently than the government because in addition to wages and other necessary costs of running the program they also had to find a way to justify the program to shareholders by making it profitable. How do you make giving away money to poor people profitable except by fraud?…/19481-food-stamp-outage…

Food Stamp Outage Highlights Problems With Privatization of Public Services
The government shutdown was not to blame for the crashing of the food stamp prog…See More
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ABel AShes But yeah, you are right, since the anti-government morons are trying so hard to turn the US into a third world libertarian paradise we might need to have charities pick up the slack. One problem is that most of the people who can afford to really bankroll those charities are the same ones who are shutting down these essential government programs.
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