On that Quenelle neo-Nazi anti-Jewish Bullshit

I just read this bullshit and now I want to throw up. This is one of the most inaccurate things I have ever read.

Hand gestures based on Nazi salutes are not a good way to protest Zionist war crimes “without being anti-Semitic”…neither is lying about history and engaging in Holocaust denial or claiming that Jews are responsible for all of the problems in the world (a claim only slightly less stupid than blaming the world’s problems on aliens or “the Devil”). This kind of crap is perfect for discrediting anyone that is legitimately criticizing Israeli crimes against Palestine by making them look like crazy bigots….always beware the people who say “I’m not racist but…” or “I’m not anti-Semitic but…” et cetera…usually the next words out of their mouth will be racist or anti-Semitic. Besides that “anti-Semitic” is an odd term for hating, fearing and hallucinating about Jews controlling the world, as Arabs are also Semites. Jews and Arabs are almost identical ethnically, Hebrew and Arabic have many similarities, they have lived in the same region for thousands of years, the most evil aspects of Islam (and there are many) are copied from the Old Testament/Torah (things like stoning adulterers and killing infidels and stealing their land and making them slaves).

I agree that some of it is true but the parts that are true are so obvious and the parts that aren’t are so ridiculous that its’ like saying “Heart disease is a problem (true)…and it’s caused by laughing too much ( not true). Holocaust denial makes me want to beat the shit out of people.

I got upset with the assertions by this author like “they” admitted Dachau was not a death camp. Who is “they” and why are “they” so wrong?

I agree with protesting many things about Israel completely but I always find it strange when Europeans or Americans or Arabs or Russians try to blame their own problems on Jews or foreigners or whatever scapegoat they have for taking responsibility. It is right to blame someone for what they do, but so often these scapegoats are just used so that Peoples and nations can avoid looking in the mirror and realizing that they are their own worst enemy.

Israel is the oppressor of the Palestinian territories and has had unfriendly dealings with Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, et cetera….but theories that position Israel or “Zionists” as the most powerful force in the world or the most evil force in the world or the primary oppressor of Arabs even, are just so far from reality. Islam is responsible for far more oppression and killing of Arabs than Zionism ever would, could, has been, or will be.

There are really only three areas in which Israel and “Zionists” are an elite world power: Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons which puts them in an elite club with Pakistan, India, Russia, North Korea and the USA and the fact that the US arms and funds Israel’s defense system and provides diplomatic support to the tiny nation whose religion is very small compared to the number of Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists in the world and the fact that they do have a very sophisticated intelligence service that can rival that of the USA, China, Russia, the UK, Germany, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, or Iran. Otherwise they are a fairly small country with a big military to protect them not from Palestine but from all of the other countries in the region with the support of the world’s only superpower.

But the list of countries more powerful than Israel economically, culturally, and politically is very long and Israel is very far behind many other countries when it comes to meddling in the affairs of other countries…China, Russia, and the USA for better or for worse are way ahead of Israel in that regard. If by “Zionism” it is also meant “Christian Zionists” who are mostly Americans and are not Jewish but believe that supporting Israel will bring about the Second Coming of Jesus and the End Times then Zionism is indeed a very large movement, but still much smaller than Islam, Catholicism, Communism, et cetera.

Zionism as a movement has no say over what goes on in most of the world nor does it want to. Zionism is not, nor has it ever been, in any of its forms a movement for world domination. It is a movement (or a variety of different movements) in favor of a Jewish state. Some Zionists like Einstein opposed placing that Jewish state in the traditional Jewish “holy land” because he foresaw fights with the Arabs living there and rightfully did not think it right to remove anyone from their home. Other Zionists want to control a very large portion of the Middle East and drive all of the non-Jews out. Most Zionists fall somewhere between these extremes.

The hatred between Jews and Arabs is much, much older than Israel and Palestine of course and so are the conspiracy theories like the fraudulent forgery “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”. In any case Israel is almost 30% Arab Muslim and shamefully has government funded sharia courts as well as other abominations like Christian, Druze and of course Talmudic Jewish courts. How many Jews live in Gaza or the West Bank and how safe would they be if they did?

If I were US President the first thing I would say to Israel would be that all aid to Israel stops if Israel doesn’t stop all new expanded settlements permanently and recognize Palestinian statehood. The first thing I would say to the Palestinians is that Hamas will never be recognized as a legitimate political party and that Gaza has to ban them and all Islamist parties from future elections or US aid to Gaza will be cut (and the US does send humanitarian aid to Gaza every year and much of it winds not being spent to help the needy).

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