Israel and Palestine: A Metaphor and a Rant

A metaphor:

The fight between Muslims and Jews over Jerusalem (the holiest city for religious Jews and the most significant historical Middle Eastern ethnic Jews whether religious or not; simultaneously the third holiest city in the world for Muslims and a long time hometown for generation of Muslims, Jews and others) is something like this……

Imagine if 1,400 years ago Jews had invaded and a conquered Christian controlled Mecca (the holiest city to Muslims) and declared the Grand Mosque of Mecca and the Kabba to be the third holiest site in the world for Jews. Then for a nearly a millenium and a half Jews, Muslims , and Christians had lived there together, sometimes in peace, sometimes not.

Eventually some German psycho takes over Deutcheland by rigging elections and other dirty tricks and based on his stupid conspiracy theories about “Muslim bankers” based upon the Russian forgery known as “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Arabia” tries to exterminate all Arabs whether Muslim or not (not just all Muslims because Hitler went after ethnic groups like Jews and Gypsies regardless of their religious beliefs).

Then much of the world community decides to create a homeland for European Arabs in….dunt da dun!…..Arabia! and the Arabs (largely influenced by their majority Muslim beliefs) want to control Mecca and so do the Jews and so do the Christians (because somehow it has something to do with the end of the world and they are so miserable that they actually want the world to end.)

Sensible Religious Jews, non-religious ethnic Jews, converts to Judaism of different ethnicities, Muslims (of different ethnicities including but not limited to Arabs), non-Muslim Arabs, Christians, and others want to share these historical and religious sites equally between all groups regardless of race or religion. Unfortunately most Muslims want total control of their number one holy city and nothing to do with sharing it with the Jews who stole it by conquest so long ago. And unfortunately many Jews (not just those living in Arabia) say “Mecca is our third holiest site from which our final Jewish prophet ascended to heaven and we stole it from the Christians who stole it from the Muslims so we aren’t sharing it with the occupier because it is forbidden to do so.”

The point is that Palestinians are not just a bunch of crazy terrorists and Israelis are not all super evil geniuses hellbent on world domination and if we are going to decide based upon the bullshit books of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam who gets to make the rules there will never be peace.

If we want to decide based on “who was there first” and ethnic and racist division between Jewish and Arabic Semites…well neither of them were there first. The Caananites were there first and for much of history both of you were there TOGETHER.

And if we want to wage war on the “the occupiers of holy sites and stolen land” then we would have to punish ancient Judea for stealing the land from “pagans”, and ancient Egypt and Assyria for conquering and reconquering from each other the land that Judea stole from Canaan, the pagan Romans and later the Christian/Catholic Romans for occupying Jewish land originally stolen from Canaanites, then later the Arab Muslims for occupying Canaanite land that had been stolen by Romans who stole it from Jews who stole it back from Assyrians who stole it back from Egyptians who stole it from each other several times who stole it from ancient Judea/Israel who stole it from Canaaan, then punish the British who created British Palestine along with the borders of practically every other modern “Arab country”, then punish the Zionist terrorists of the Stern Gang and Lehi and the founders of Israel and the groups like Hamas who pretend to be pro-Palestinian but are really just Islamic psychos who want to resteal Jerusalem for their stupid god.

Jews and Arabs are equally capable of good and evil and equally intelligent (despite the bizarre and delusional conspiracy theories of Jews being super evil geniuses who have the world under their “secret” control. Jews and Arabs (and everybody else in the world) should be equally entitled to live in Israel or Palestine and to visit the historical sites of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, the Roman Empire, et ctera…freely. No nation on Earth should have an official ethnicity or an official religion and official languages should only exist for practical purposes not for racist reasons.

At this point Israel and Plaestine both have right to exist as states, an obligation to exist in peace with each other, and a responsibility to be honest with the world about what they are really fighting over and it’s definitely NOT “land”. The “holy land” is nothing to brag about. It is a land so dry that there is not enough fresh water to go around; no oil, no gold, no timber…..the only thing that makes that place special is the historical and religious significance. No one is fighting over land. No they are fighting ideology and race.

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