I find these details fascinating

I find these details fascinating: All potatoes, tomatoes, and all hot peppers (chiles) are originally from the Americas and were brought to Europe, Asia, Africa, and elsewhere by the Portuguese and Spanish – Ethiopia is the country of origin for coffee, where the plant was discovered, first brewed and consumed, and first cultivated – Domestic chickens are basically domesticated Red Junglefowl, a species of bird native to the Indian Subcontinent first domesticated for fighting not for food – Cattle originated from three wild species native to North Africa, Europe, and Asia and were first domesticated for meat, dairy, and hides over 10,000 years ago in a region of Mesopotamia that is now split between Turkey and Iraq – The Chinese invented restaurants and noodles and Italian pasta was inspired by Roman travelers to China trying to replicate Chinese noodles.

Beer was invented in Egypt for those who don’t know. Germans and Brits and Irishmen preferred wine until the mini-ice age of the late 1700s when there was a massive freeze of vineyards in the colder regions of Europe and they substituted wine with the ancient Egyptian beverage we call beer. Egypt means “Land of the Copts” and beer was invented there and the original Egyptians worshipped the Sun (Ra) not the moon (Allah)…just saying…

Egypt said Friday a Japanese archaeological team has discovered the tomb of a leading beer producer from the pharaonic period in the country’s famed temple city of Luxor.

A tomb of an ancient beer brewer has been discovered in the Egyptian city of Luxor, the country’s minister of antiquities said on Friday.

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