Your God Did Not Invent Morality

Your God Did Not Invent Morality
By Abel Ashes

The Code of Hammurabi is but one of many examples of secular law predating religion and is older than Islam and older than Christianity and most likely older than Judaism and Zoroastrianism as well. The religious show themselves to be either ignoramuses or liars when they exhume the archaic untruth that the divine is the source of human law and order.
One can even see in the behavior of non-human animals that outrage at injustice or unfairness and even disgust at things perceived to be unclean is inherited from our evolutionary ancestors and animal cousins rather than passed down from on high.

Allah, as the moon god of the pre-Islamic Arabs may predate Christianity, Judaism, and Zoroastrianism, but Allah as the one true God that retroactively assumes the role of Jehovah and Yahweh of the Judeo-Christian traditions is a younger creation than Ahura Mazda of the pre-Islamic, pre-Christian, and quite possibly pre-Judaic ancient monotheistic faith of the Zoroastrians of Persia.The ignoble conceit of Islam and of Muslims in dishonestly claiming to have invented human morality, law and order, codes of hygiene, or monotheism should be treated with no more reverence than the passing of flatulence into the wind. It is a lie told by liars and the dupes of liars, nothing more and nothing less.

The tribes of Native America were doing just fine without the ignorant pseudoscience and cowardly hatreds of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims before the Spaniards arrived with their minds perverted by the wonderful god of Abraham or Ibrahim, the most probably fictional creation of the ancient Israelites who had converted to the cult of Judaism which later spawned the bastard children of Christianity and Islam and later the no more absurd, yet quite obviously fraudulent cult of Mormonism.

Indeed it can be said with clear conscience and must be said by all persons of clear thinking that Christianity, Islam, and Mormonism are but perverted forms of Judaism and Judaism itself is a perversion of earlier teachings of various sundry thinkers and false prophets (as if any other kind could ever exist). Many of the teachings of the Jews, both the noble and the ignoble were borrowed and/or stolen from black Africa.

All of these historical issues aside, it is absurd to reduce the entire universe to being the work of one invisible, inaudible, jealous, and childishly petulant infinite dictator/prankster in the sky. If such a god exists and if his power is indeed infinite then what is his excuse for hiding himself? What is his (of her) excuse for allowing evil to exist? I can already hear the idiotic pseudo-intellectual acrobats preparing for the ridiculous ritual of meaningless sub-cerebral mental gymnastics they engage in each time confronted with such logical and (gasp) ethical questions.

Why should I ask such questions of the deaf and mutton-headed when I can anticipate their robotic answers with much greater clarity and certainty than any of their false prophets could ever muster to extract from the imaginary tongue of god by their most schizophrenic hallucinations? Of course, the answers are as obvious as they are inaccurate, as apparent as they are absurd. God has the power to stop evil but chooses not to in order to teach us lessons by letting us make mistakes. Murder, rape, genocide and yes, even the fucking of children by holy men is nothing more than god giving humanity an opportunity to learn from his own mistakes. Is this supposed to make sense? Is this supposed to be just? Is this supposed to be wise?

Do the religious ever stop to think of what lesson a young girl, a “child bride” sex slave, learns when god allows her to be raped by her adult “husband”? I understand what the “husband” learns. He learns that god will allow him to fuck children as often as he likes and if he will ever be punished for violently raping children it will either be by other human beings in “this life” or by god when he dies, at which point he will indeed be dead and thus experiencing nothing.

So finally we come to the true reason for mankind’s invention of gods and religions. The human being, just like all of the other creatures of the animal kingdom, fears his own demise. It is a sad thing to realize that death is indeed a permanent condition from which we do not return. There is perhaps no question more infantile than the moronic cliché, “What do you think happens when you die?” than perhaps the even more ridiculous inquisition, “Where do you think we go when we die?”

Let me answer this stupidity by stating plainly that death is real. Death is not an illusion. Death is not an abstract ephemeral concept of philosophy. Death is a medical condition and unfortunately it is thus far a quite obviously permanent one. It is therefore a sign of insanity and delusion that one would claim otherwise. “Where do we go when we die?” Heaven? Hell? Purgatory? Limbo? Paradise? Why not say Aruba or Cancun or Jamaica? I cannot consider a person, whether male or female, whether my junior or senior, to be a fully functioning adult if he or she cannot at least entertain the possibility, supported by all available evidence and contradicted by absolutely none, that when we die we are simply dead.

The worship of gods is in actuality the worship of men who claim to be the earthly representatives of gods and with this worship comes very real Earthly power in “this life” (the only life proven to actually exist). The human ego will not allow him to entertain his own finiteness and insignificance and so it is from undeserved pride and unearned imaginary nepotism that we inherit the social retardations that pull us back two steps into the realm of idiocy for each step forward into the light of reason.

I propose that we replace the ego and fear driven ignorance of pulling answers from the lunatic writings of ancient fraudsters by asking more important questions such as “If reason is not the tool by which we should determine human values, rights, ethics, and morality than are we not plucking out our own proverbial eyeballs in favor of a life in intellectual and moral darkness as black as the vision of a blind mole?”

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