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Osama Bin Laden was not “funded and trained by the CIA”

“The USA would have worked with Bin Laden had he been willing, but Bin Laden would never have worked with the USA. He hated the USA and was even then plotting to go to war with the USA. He didn’t need “funding” as he was rich and was in Afghanistan and Pakistan in order to give his own money away to jihadists who supported his takfiri salafist ideology. He didn’t need training as he was already experienced in the construction business and in finance, had a degree in engineering, and had the backing of many trained fighters, mostly Egyptian radicals who were also extremely anti-USA. The “CIA trained and funded Bin Laden” meme is a complete and utter myth.” Continue reading

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FBI “Manufactured” Terrorism: It Is a Serious Issue But It’s Not That Simple

The following was written in response to an article entitled, “Most Terrorist Plots in the US Aren’t Invented by Al Qaeda — They’re Manufactured by the FBI”. The article is published by Alternet at: The article is an excerpt from the book “The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism” by Trevor … Continue reading