Glen Doherty fought Christian theocracy in the U.S. military and died protecting the U.S. Embassy in Libya from Islamic theocrats

VIDEO: US Military Missionaries (V3 Abridged)

This kind of fundamentalist Christian manipulation of the U.S. military is extremely unconstitutional and counterproductive. It leads to mistreatment of non-Christian troops, be they Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, unitarian/universalist, agnostic, atheist, or other and makes the U.S. look like a Christian theocracy overseas lending credibility to the ridiculous claims of Islamist fanatics that the U.S. military are Christian “crusaders”. Well, apparently some of them are and they must be stopped. We have separation of religion and state in the U.S. and that is one of the primary reasons we are a “free country”. RIP Glen Doherty, Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) Advisory Board Member, who struggled against the Christian theocratic takeover of the U.S. military and was killed by Islamic theocratic fanatics in Libya at the U.S. Embassy where he provided security.

IN MEMORIAM: Glen Doherty, Dedicated MRFF Advisory Board Member and former Navy SEAL, Killed in Libya Consulate Attack

Glen Doherty, Security Officer Killed In Libya Attack, Fought Religious Proselytizing In Military

6 thoughts on “Glen Doherty fought Christian theocracy in the U.S. military and died protecting the U.S. Embassy in Libya from Islamic theocrats

  1. Regardless of this guy’s efforts to change things, claims that the US views its “war on terror” as a crusade are not ridiculous. If you recall, the president that started the “war on terror” straight up called it a “crusade.” What happened to you, Abel?

    1. The US Constitution was written as and has always been a secular document. If you do not oppose Islamism then you support mass murder and tyranny in the name of forcing a particular religion upon those who do not believe which is exactly the same thing as a crusade. If you oppose crusades then you must also oppose jihads. If you do not you are a serious hypocrite with blood on your hands. I am the same I always was. I opposed the Taliban before 9/11 when UNOCAL and Enron were cutting deals with them. Ask an Afghan when was the worst time in recent Afghan history and 9 times out of ten they will tell you that the time of US/NATO occupation has been horrible and the time of the USSR occupation was horrible and the time between the USSR withdraw and the takeover of the Taliban was horrible, but they will almost always tell you that nothing was as bad as the rule of the Taliban. I opposed the war in Afghanistan because I feared carpet bombing of civilians. I always supported killing the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

    2. The challenges this century are to curtail man-made climate change, to replace fossil fuels and nuclear fission with renewable energy sources, to break down nationalism and to enforce universal human rights including equality for women and equality for LGBT people everywhere on earth, access to contraception, access to primary and secondary and higher education, the right to immigrate, the right to have access to medical care and a living wage, the institution of a global minimum wage and a global maximum wage, global secularism so that everyone everywhere on Earth will have the right to choose any religion or no religion without oppression from the state, the removal of profit from military and healthcare fields (weapons should be made by governments at cost with no one ever turning a profit), military and police action should be a last resort but a quick resort when innocent lives are on the line. “Collateral damage” incidental civilian deaths should not be seen as justifiable and neither should sitting on one’s hands while thousands are oppressed, disappeared, tortured, or murdered. It was wrong to sit out the Rwanda genocide, as wrong it its own way as dropping an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. It is wrong to allow half of the population of many countries to treat women as property to be sold in forced marriages. If that is to be defended in the name of “culture” then “culture” should be wiped from the face of the Earth.

    3. Yes George W. Bush viewed the War on terror as a “crusade” and Al Qaeda referred to itself as “the International Front Against Zionists and Crusaders”, both of which go to show that religion is a parasite that cannot be allowed to have any part in any government anywhere on Earth and that global secular humanist democracy is a prerequiste to human liberty, peace, justice, and security.

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