Thoughts on the death of another allegedly innocent Guantanamo detainee

Thoughts on the death of another allegedly innocent Guantanamo detainee by Abel Ashes

Many of the Guantanamo detainees have been shown to be innocent in court and released. Unfortunately some of the “innocent” turned out not to have been innocent and to have returned to Jihadist activities upon release. Adnan Farham Abdul Latif may have been innocent. He may have been guilty. The truth may lie somewhere in between. He may have been murdered as some US detainees have been. He may have committed suicide as some US detainees have.

Dead Gitmo detainee had waged long legal battle for freedom
By Michael Isikoff, NBC News

For politicians, military, and the various Homeland Security alphabet agencies “indefinite detention” is similar to what “monitored retrievable storage” is to the Department of Energy, a temporary solution to a problem they do not have a clue how to solve. Every instance of an innocent person detained is a tragedy. Every instance of a dangerous person released is a politically embarrassing blunder that could lead to tragedy committed by the released individual. It is a bizarre situation where the fact the US justice system requires proof “beyond a reasonable doubt” and where “thought crimes” are not prosecutable due to the protections afforded by the US Constitution, that the way around the problem is to hold suspects until enough evidence emerges. Have you ever wondered why it is so important to “catch terrorists red-handed”?

Instead of detaining people indefinitely based upon unconfirmed suspicions or unproven accusations in international anti-terrorist operations and having to conduct dangerous sting operations in order to catch terrorists in the act in order to obtain convictions domestically, I propose that if proof exists that an individual or organization can be proven to be planning, plotting, or advocating the murder of civilian non-combatants for political, religious, racist, or nationalistic reasons it should be prosecutable in the same way that proof of a husband plotting to murder his wife is prosecutable as attempted murder. For instance, if a Neo-Nazi gives a speech advocating murdering black people, Jews, homosexuals, Muslims, and immigrants he should be arrested for admitting to a plan to do such.

We should not have to wait until he kills someone, nor should we do what has been done over and over again, which is to provoke him to act in order to catch him with the knife drawn to kill. In such instances there is a fine line between the bomb going off and the bombing being stopped “heroically” at the last-minute. What I am saying is that there are reasons for these policies, bad reasons, but reasons nonetheless.

In any case whether an investigation proved this man’s innocence or guilt, whether it proved the innocence or guilt of authorities at Camp X-Ray, millions of people will not believe the results of the investigation and everyone will go on having their own version of “the truth” where speculation, emotion, prejudice, assumption, and the jumping to conclusions are more important than facts. If he was innocent this is a horrible tragedy.

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