No one should have nuclear weapons and yes that does include Iran

My response to the notion that it is rational for “Iran” (the IRI) to want nuclear weapons and the false notion that the IRI is a peaceful country that abides by international law. No one should have nuclear weapons. Not the US, not Russia (or Khazakstan), not Pakistan, not India, not Israel, not North Korea, not the Islamic Republic of Iran. There is nothing rational about the Mullahs that control the ultraconservative reactionary theocratic IRI which controls the Iranian people who are some of the most liberal people in the region. The Islamic Republic is the enemy of the Iranian people. No one should have nuclear weapons. Is Iran building them? No one seems to be 100% sure. I oppose anyone having them. I certainly oppose a nation run by religious fanatics who are awaiting the return of the 12th Imam and who want to bring about the end of the world, exactly like the Christian Zionists nuts of America having them. IRI is funding Shiite extremists in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, and the Palestinian Territories that are killing innocent people who happen to be Sunnis or atheists or political opponents of one stripe or another. I 100% support the protesters in Iran. The Mullahs must go!

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