Burma’s Rohingya Refugees Persecuted by Buddhists AND Exploited as Muslim Propaganda

The real story, thanks to a real reporter, from the much maligned “media” (whatever the fuck that means). There are many lines of disinformation going on about the situation in Burma regarding persecution of the Rohingya refugees. There are the photos of Chinese earthquake victims and of protesters being arrested being passed off as bodies of massacred “Muslims”. There is the lie that there is no violence against the Rohingya people (there is, including rape, and it is being committed by Buddhists). There is the racist lie that all Rohingya are “Muslim”, as though a Rohingya child or adult is less capable of determining that Islam (like all other religion) is a crock of shit. There is the fact of Buddhists ignoring the violence against Muslims and Muslims crying about it, while they are equally silent when Muslims attack Buddhists. And last but not least there is the fact that the (predominately Muslim) Rohingya ethnic group are not the only ethnic and religious minority suffering persecution in Burma/Myanmar.


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