Only a secular Burma will free the “Muslim” Rohingya and “Christian” Karen minorities from oppression

As secular humanist who cares more about people than their imaginary gods, I would love to see Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, and atheists support doing more to help the predominately Muslim Rohingya people, as well as to see all of the above plus Muslims support preventing the longstanding abuses against the predominately Christian Karen minority … Continue reading


Michelle Bachmann’s accusations against Huma Abedin are false.

The accusations against Huma Abedin are false….unless you think liberal feminists who were raised Muslim and grow up to marry pro-Israel Jewish liberal politicians (her husband is Anthony Weiner) are likely candidates for Islamic radical sleeper agents. Michelle Bachmann is a useful idiot in an ongoing campaign by Christian fascists who seek to use both … Continue reading


Radical Islamists at the DNC

So the Democrats are bringing Islam into the Party and they have always embraced liberal Christianity, while the Republicans embrace right wing and even fascist fundamentalist Christianity and they both embrace radical religious Jewish and Christian Zionism, supporting the stealing of Muslim, Christian, and atheist Palestinian land based upon scriptural notions of “God’s Law” = … Continue reading

Christian Fundamentalism / Islamism

Radical Islam and fundamentalist Christianity are two sides of the same coin!

The radical far right, anti-immigration, anti-socialism, pro-fundamentalist Christian theocracy movement is attempting to hijack the anti-Islamist, anti-Shariah movement to use as a tool to promote their own fascist theocratic agenda both in the US and in Europe. They must be opposed! It is time for the supporters of freedom and equality to stand in opposition … Continue reading


Human rights abuses are human rights abuses wherever they occur

I support human rights activists everywhere. I support them in Bahrain, Syria, Russia, the United States, Saudi Arabia, China, Columbia, Tunisia, Egypt, Iran, North Korea, Myanmar, Indonesia, Israel, Gaza, the West Bank, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Mali, Afghanistan, Iraq… et cetera, et cetera. I don’t engage in this bullshit of excusing human … Continue reading